10 vegan Instant Pot recipes the whole family will love

10 vegan Instant Pot recipes the whole family will love

While pressure cookers are nothing new at all, Instant Pots have only become popular in the last few years, but now it’s hard to imagine life without the best electric pressure cookers. These appliances are just so handy for whipping up delicious meals in less time thanks to their pressure-cooking capabilities. They can also replace your rice cooker and slow cooker, and did I mention you can use an Instant Pot to make your own limnocello? They’re amazing for anyone who cooks at home, whether it’s just you and your partner, you have a huge family to feed, or you want to level up your Sunday meal prep game.

If you follow a vegan diet—or even if you’re just curious about vegan food—you may be wondering if the Instant Pot is good for cooking plant-based meals. The answer is yes! There are loads of delicious vegan recipes that you can make in an Instant Pot, and they’ll be quicker and easier than ever to make without compromising taste. Here are 10 vegan Instant Pot recipes we can’t stop drooling over to get you started.

1. Lovely curried cauliflower soup

How pretty is this Curried Cauliflower Lentil Soup? The rich orange color makes us think of fall, and the recipe tastes just as good as it looks. This unique combination of ingredients and spices provides a complex flavor you’ll love. You may need a good blender or a food processor to puree the ingredients and get that smooth, creamy cinsistency.

2. Colorful quinoa chili

If you like your chili a bit sweet and a bit spicy, you’ll love this Instant Pot Vegetarian Chili. It’s made with quinoa, canned beans, sweet potato, and a variety of spices, and thanks to the magic of pressure cooking, it’s ready to eat in less than an hour. Just garnish with your favorite vegan-friendly (or not) toppings and dig in!

3. Pad Thai stir fry

You can get your Chinese food fix at home with this vegan Instant Pot Pad Thai Stir Fry. It’s ready in a little over 30 minutes—roughly the time it would take to get takeout delivered—and it’s packed with nutritious vegetables like cabbage, carrots, snow peas and bell peppers. The end result? A delicious and nutritious vegan meal that’s perfect for weeknights. Use a spiralizer or a mandoline slicer to make veggie prep faster.

4. Super fast spaghetti

Spaghetti is a staple in pretty much every household, since it’s easy to make, filling, customizable, and loved by all. If you’re looking for a quick, vegan-friendly spaghetti recipe, definitely check out this one for Instant Pot Spaghetti from Nora Cooks. All you have to do is saute some garlic and onions, dump uncooked pasta and sauce into your Instant Pot, and your meal will be ready in less than 20 minutes!

5. Easy homemade yogurt

Vegan yogurt can be pretty pricey to buy in the store, which is why so many people choose to make it themselves. It may seem a little intimidating, but this recipe for Vegan Yogurt is surprisingly easy thanks to the “yogurt” setting on your Instant Pot. All you need is canned coconut milk and vegan probiotic capsules, then you let the Instant Pot work its magic. In a few days, you’ll have delicious dairy-free yogurt the whole family will love. Make sure you’ve got food storage containers or mason jars to store your yogurt when it’s ready.

6. Mouth-watering sloppy Joes

Who can say no to a sloppy Joe?! Even if you don’t eat meat, you can still enjoy this American classic by making it vegan-friendly with the help of Pass the Plant’s Vegan Sloppy Joe recipe. Once your ingredients are in the pot, you can simply let the Instant Pot do all the work—no monitoring needed—giving you more time to watch your favorite show, unload the dishwasher, or do whatever you want while dinner cooks itself. Make sure you’ve got some fresh rolls and a good serrated bread knife to slice them fresh before you eat.

7. Vegan Mexican posole

Switch things up on Taco Tuesday this week and try this recipe for Instant Pot Vegan Posole (also spelled pozole). This traditional Mexican dish is usually made with hominy and pork, but this version swaps in jackfruit as a vegan-friendly alternative. Jackfruit has a similar consistency to shredded meat, so even the meat-eaters at your table will be begging for your recipe. But it is a little unweidly, so use a sharp chef’s knife to slice and dice it up.

8. Indulgent mac and cheese

I don’t know if I’m capable of writing a recipe round-up without including some variation of mac and cheese. So obviously I had to find an Instant Pot Vegan Mac and Cheese for you. This one from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen uses vegan cheese and milk to create a mouth-watering weeknight meal. Oh, and did we mention that whole recipe takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish? It doesn’t get better than that!

9. Crave-worthy vegan burritos

Here’s another vegan spin on a Mexican favorite. Nora Cooks offers this great plant-based recipe for Instant Pot Vegan Burritos, and frankly, they look phenomenal. We love how versatile this recipe is, too—you can customize with your favorite toppings or skip the tortilla and make a burrito bowl instead.

10. Nutritious lentil soup

This Instant Pot Lentil Soup is truly a “dump recipe.” All you need to do is toss the ingredients in your Instant Pot and let it cook—there’s practically no prep work tog et dinner on the table. It’s easy, nutritious, and delicious—the trifecta of all dinner meals.

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