Jake Gyllenhaal Pulls Off This Unexpected Menswear Styling Trick

Jake Gyllenhaal Pulls Off This Unexpected Menswear Styling Trick

Where is Jake Gyllenhaal’s tie? Did he lose it last night on the way to the afterparty of Sea Wall, his latest gig on Broadway? Or maybe a rabid fan stole it from him! Also, where is Gyllenhaal’s much-talked about gold chain? Looks like the actor is loosening up his approach to men’s style these days. He stepped out in Manhattan yesterday donning a slate gray double-breasted suit with shiny black dress shoes. Underneath, he wore not a traditional button-up, but rather a simple white T-shirt.

It’s a risqué move in the world of men’s fashion. A buttoned shirt and a tie instantly reads more put together. The combination of T-shirt and blazer, on the other hand, can appear thrown together or, worse still, tragically dated. (To a retro Ron Burgundy and the AXE-loving boys of Jersey Shore, we’re looking at you!) But before you cast this styling trick to one side, consider this: The look has emerged on the runways over the past few seasons in chic and compelling new iterations. For Spring 2020 Men’s, Tom Ford showed a suit layered over a mock neck tee and Junya Watanabe offered up a denim blue, sheeny version suit over a white t-shirt. Givenchy went the bold route with a aquamarine tee underneath a slouchy lavender blue suit. As for Gyllenhaal? A hunk like him doesn’t need much extra to stand out. No tie necessary here.

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