Protesters outside President Trump’s Minneapolis rally throw urine, burn MAGA hats, attack Trump’s ‘Nazi’ supporters

Protesters outside President Trump’s Minneapolis rally throw urine, burn MAGA hats, attack Trump’s ‘Nazi’ supporters

Protesters outside President Donald Trump’s Minneapolis rally Thursday threw urine, burned “Make America Great Again” hats, and physically attacked Trump supporters while calling them Nazis.

What happened?

The protest began in the afternoon outside the Target Center as immigrant, women, and anti-war groups gathered against the president while his supporters lined up to enter the venue, the St. Cloud Times reported.

While the rally was going on during the evening, protesters blew whistles, chanted, and drummed — and then tensions rose, the paper said.

Protesters were caught on video burning “Make America Great Again” hats — the iconic symbol of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

(Content warning: Language)

Protesters were caught on video attacking a man they called a “Nazi:”

After the rally, a St. Cloud Times reporter confirmed urine had been thrown and police used pepper spray to quell the throng.

The paper added that Trump supporters and protesters clashed outside. At one point protesters chanted, “Off our streets Nazi scum!” ( Content warning: Language):

And while protesters dismantled part of a police barricade, one reportedly waved what was described as a Chinese flag at cops. (Content warning:Language):

But inside the rally

During the rally Trump repeatedly emphasized his love of law enforcement, the Times said.

The paper added that Minneapolis banned off-duty police from appearing in uniform at political events — so the police union made shirts declaring “Cops for Trump.”

The president brought on stage a number of people wearing those shirts, the Times said.

Here’s a montage of the action outside, including a chorus of “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” as a protester burns MAGA hats:

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8 thoughts on “Protesters outside President Trump’s Minneapolis rally throw urine, burn MAGA hats, attack Trump’s ‘Nazi’ supporters

  1. Ever get the feeling that the new Liberals are nothing more than a re-branding of the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany in 1939? When does Kristalnight happen again but in America? All of the actions in MSP must be paid for by the likes of people like George Sorros and his followers. This what the FBI is for to investigate and take action against those who threaten the Constitution, Bill of Rights, create and support attacks against citizens of the USA. Each and every protester who violated the law should be arrested, documented, tried, and punished in an appropriate way or this will just get worse and worse.
    I recently met up with with a group of protesters in down town Orlando Fl. I saw one with a confiscate assault weapons sign with an AR-15 pictured. I stopped her and asked if she knew the caliber of the gun, and she didn’t. I told her it was a .223. I then asked if a plain ol’ country .22 rifle for sport plunking was an assault weapon. She said no. I then reminded her that they both use the same basic bullet, which goes the same speed and does the same damage. Her fellow protesters came to her rescue to attack me. I put up my hand and said I see your point but if you confiscate one you should confiscate both shouldn’t you? Shot in the right place by either one you are dead. They left in their frenzied way and I went the other way.

  2. Are there any things of this sort done by Republicans at Democratic rallies. I sincerely hope not.
    These protestors are so mean, misinformed, sick – whatever. I still believe/hope there are some
    decent people in the Democratic party. They can’t all be this demented.

  3. This is what Dems and liberals have become thanks to their pals the mainstream media stirring up the morons. While sanctuary city officials hinder their police departments and let these people do whatever they please, wear masks and attack anyone who does not agree with them. This kind of trash needs to end and these officials held accountable. Voters can fix this in 2020 by voting out every single one of these left liberals and voting in people who let the police do their jobs. This kind of disgusting behavior needs to stop before people are killed.

  4. This is the extreme left’s way of trying to make anyone who supports Trump afraid to go to a rally or any other public event in support of Trump! Wearing anything showing support of Trump risks an out right attack and name calling. Notice conservative’s do not do this that is because we are civilized and support free speech, but we do not support physical attacks! The liberal socialist agenda is to take away everyone’s freedom that does not support their goals and that starts with our guns! It is then that they will control us!

  5. So were Nazi’s now is that it, well then maybe we should GAS ALL YOU DEMOCRATS, come on get on the train for a little trip you will enjoy it.

  6. OK, I think that I’ve seen and heard enough to say, that a few well placed machine guns would go along way to restoring peaceful protests in America! Terrorist groups like ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER, both sponsored by Soros and the DNC, need to be exterminated. They are both organizations that are a threat to America. Their members should be shot down and their bodies left in the streets for the rest of America’s enemies to see, as a warning that the American People will do whatever it takes to protect our country and our people!

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