Why Turkey is the ultimate spa destination

Why Turkey is the ultimate spa destination

Here are 5 reasons why Turkey will be your go-to for a wellness getaway

It’s high time for a different kind of invigorating holiday. While thoughts of a staycation are tempting and the thrills of catching waves are just as enticing, backs are aching and shoulders are stiff with tension. This holiday should be about some well-deserved TLC. While the theme of this getaway might be limited to wellness, there’s no reason to compromise the variety.

With its many renowned thermal springs and spa hotels, Turkey is setting itself up to be the go-to for a wellness vacation for any season. Offering more than 260 thermal facilities, this destination is chock-full of opportunities to relax and renew.

From the towns and cities to its mountainous countryside, here’s the ultimate Turkey wellness tour that’ll redefine a spa day.


1. Pamukkale
Trekking through the western town of Pamukkale (which translates to “cotton castle”) feels as though you’re walking on a cloud. The town’s waters are rich with land-softening calcium carbonate that makes for a different kind of walkabout. Home to famous therapeutic thermal waters and the Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis, this UNESCO World Heritage site is made for those history buffs who just need a little restoration.


2. Bursa
This city is one of Turkey’s metropolitan centres, the birthplace of the Ottoman Empire and has some serious healing power with a side of snowy thrills. Not only is it home to Uludağ, one of Turkey’s best ski resorts, but Bursa is also famous for its mineral-rich thermal baths.


3. Yalova
Perfect for a refreshing nature getaway, Yalova is abundant with lush greenery and local flora. Another hotspot for thermal springs, this coastal city’s quaint charm is guaranteed to put you at ease in no time.


4. Afyon
With spa resorts available year-round, Afyon is locally known to be the capital city of wellness. With a variety of facility options, it has long been a popular retreat for those seeking the healing power of Turkey’s famous thermal springs and rich natural landscapes.


5. Antalya
Another sought-after centre for natural springs, Turkey’s “Turquoise Coast” has even more to add to the perfect wellness holiday. From the historic sites to the long beaches and turquoise waters, Antalya’s former Roman ports and glittering waterfalls make it Turkey’s biggest international sea resort for a very good reason.

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